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screened [20 Feb 2021|10:00am]
she's engaged to a family's golden child. straight-laced and perfect, the entire situation seems ideal, even to them. until his brother enters the picture. his dark air provides enough of a backdrop that all the cracks in the family become noticeable.

in search of: a good mix of drama and smut with complex characters; actual writing, narratives, bios, extras, the whole shebang. our focus would be the returned brother and the fiancée, with the good brother as an npc. just where has this mysterious brother been? in prison covering up for the other or simply a disconnected family member come home? i'm open to brainstorming up any angle to this and making it as dark and complex as we like. james norton, david castañeda, jake gyllenhaal, oliver jackson-cohen, or bill skarsgård would make my year for him, and i'm open to who i use for her or i can offer a list.
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